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Update your thinking. Learn. Get inspired.


Break down silos and come together with professionals to tackle the major issues facing urban development in an environment where it is safe to ask questions.


Gain frank insight from experts, including authors, scientists, cultural leaders, developers, investors, scientists, designers, community workers and city leaders.


Ideal for the whole placemaking team, from developer to designer, investor to local government.

Participate and meet new collaborators seeking to address the biggest challenges facing makers of place, through online masterclasses and workshops, where you will roll your sleeves up around the table.

“Genuinely vibrant, exciting and thought-provoking”

Nigel Brewer, planning and design director, Places for People

Come together for a fresh experience with new collaborators
Come together for a fresh experience with new collaborators


“Excellent from start to finish”

Kevin McCauley, executive director, CBRE

5 ways to #connect at the festival


1. Grab the mic, join the chat, ask questions

Every day, we give you the opportunity to connect with our amazing speakers. Submit your question by text, raise your hand to grab the microphone, participate in the all-attendee chat or reach out privately to participants in the direct chat. This is your opportunity to steer the session, reach out to an expert and get the information you need to know.


2. Spark your creativity and improve your learning retention

Adults learn better when they engage more senses and have a unique experience. To ensure you get more out of our sessions, we’re including kinesthetic and play-based learning activities to get your brain and body connected to make sure you remember more of what you learn with us. As part of this, we’re sending you a bag of tricks and we’re working with Malcolm Hamilton, Creative Director of Play:Disrupt for some unique complimentary activities to ensure you’re zooming in, not Zoomed out.

The Q&A and session chat is your chance to get the intelligence you need
The Q&A and session chat is your chance to get the intelligence you need

3. Take a seat in our social lounge
The social lounge is where the audience waits for the next session to begin. You can take a seat at a table and wait for someone to join you, or you can reach out to someone via the event-wide direct chat and invite them to meet you at a table for a chat. Every table opens a video meeting, just like a Zoom call. Our conference platform works on any desktop or laptop computer using Chrome or Microsoft Edge, and both of these browsers can be downloaded for free online. There’s nothing to install, just allow access to your microphone and camera and you’re ready to go.


4. Reach out and chat to someone
Is there an attendee you would like to meet? Send them a private direct message and arrange to meet at one of our video tables. Simply look for the attendee and click the three dots next to their name to send them a direct message. Love one of the talks? Reach out to the speaker to ask a question to continue the conversation after their session. Our platform makes it easy to connect with our community. And if you don’t want to be contacted, you have to accept a message to read it. There are no pop-up notifications, so there’s no distractions if you’re in a workshop or focussed on a talk. Simply click on the direct chat tab when you’re in the mood to network.

"Their online events are as delightfully normal as it gets in the new normal" - Festival of Place Bytesize attendeee
"Their online events are as delightfully normal as it gets in the new normal" - Festival of Place Bytesize attendeee


5. Try speed networking
Choose serendipity during our speed networking sessions. When it’s time for speed networking, a joining link will appear when you refresh the social lounge. If you choose to take part, you’ll be matched at random with another attendee for a time-limited three minute video chat. It’s a fast and fun way to connect with other attendees and practice your elevator pitch. At the end of the three minutes, you can make plans to meet at a video table to continue the conversation, send each other a direct chat, or swap email address before your time is up.

Darren Comber, Chief Executive, Scott Brownrigg

“Exciting, with all kinds of things happening and really interactive”
Natascha McIntyre Hall, Assistant Director, Strategic Developments, Portsmouth City Council


Festival of Place 2019
Shortlisted for Event of the Year 2019, IBP Media Awards

What is it?


The Festival of Place: Social Impact is five perfectly-formed afternoons of online talks and learning where local government and developers, designers and investors, placemakers and cityshapers come together to unlock how to make places that thrive.


Who Developers, local authorities, housing associations, architects, landscape designers, planners, investors, academics and researchers, community outreach workers, agencies and consultancies, and engaged citizens passionate about the redevelopment of urban spaces and places


When 22 - 26 March, 2021


Where Our intuitive online virtual platform with a social lounge for making connections


Timings 1pm-3pm every day




1 ticket £195 + VAT

Festival pass plus £215 + VAT

Organisation pass £1,200 + VAT

For more information please contact


We have a limited number of free tickets for charities, students, community groups, engaged citizens and small non-profit organisations. We welcome your participation:


*Organisation pass is available to Developer (public and private), Local government and Investor organisations. There are no restrictions on the number of attendees per organisation, all individuals are required to register in advance and be employees of the organisation. Please refer to T&Cs.

What to expect
Expect a day of inspiring talks tackling the big issues and hands-on workshops designed to supercharge creativity, broaden the conversation, develop a shared narrative and challenge the status quo




  • 22-26 March 2021
  • Online via Airmeet


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